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The Struggle is Real

Are you an administrator being constantly called to the classroom to deal with student misbehavior?

Are you a seasoned teacher but find your head spinning when it comes to this one student?

A Social Worker new to early childhood and confused about what behavior intervention to do and when to do it?

Are you a parent or caregiver that feels lost and alone when a few incidents of kicking and biting has your child suspended from preschool? You want the school to stop calling, but you just do not know how to make it any different?

This Is Where We Come In

At Emotional Milestones, it is our mission to improve children’s social and emotional well-being by building the capacity and confidence of early childhood programs, providers, parents, and other caregivers to address behavioral health needs.

Thrive in Five

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What Others Are Saying

"Watching Amy lead children in Sunshine Circles was a highlight of my first year as a counselor in a challenging early childhood classroom. The children, who normally struggled to follow directions and focus their attention, were so enthralled by Amy's dynamic presentation style that they were drawn in and demonstrated a high level of engagement and interest. Amy has a true gift of connecting with children."

Amy Benson

School Counselor

"Amy is not only amazing at what she does, she truly enjoys it, and it is very apparent when around her. Watching her interact with children is a magical experience. She has a way of connecting with children of all abilities so well and realizes that every child has there own unique way of learning. I was blessed to be able to work under Amy, and when I did, I learned so much. I can not say enough good things about her!"

Erica Wood

Early Childhood Teacher

"Amy is a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter and an amazing social worker. She has a deep understanding of brain development, the effects of trauma on children and adults, and the importance of connecting with those she works with. In 2019 we were proud to nominate her as our Star Teacher. She was selected by her peers out of many highly qualified candidates to represent our early childhood center. Amy's knowledge, passion, and sense of humor make her workshops equally informative and fun."

Heather Turi


"Amy created a Behavior Intervention Plan for my high-needs student. It was easy to implement and addressed the multiple functions of her behavior. It was a road map of simple interventions to use to tackle her sensory needs and lead to positive changes in the classroom. "

Selena DeLao, LMSW

Special Education School Social Worker

"I have worked with Amy in and out of the classroom and can personally attest to her professionalism, competency and skills in supporting students struggling with self-regulation and behavioral challenges. Her skill in coaching teachers through imbedded strategies to support all students through joyful play and social connection is unmatched. Her workshops are fast-paced and engaging. On more than one occasion, staff have stated that they are better teachers because of the way Amy approaches her work and shares her knowledge. "

Julie McEathron

Instructional Coach

"Amy has a knowledge base that is truly impressive! She demonstrates grace under pressure and sets the prime example for behavioral practices. The workshop that she provided regarding Trauma Informed Care was of the utmost value. We all agree, it was the highest quality of PD we received all year. She is the ultimate team member and I am so grateful for all that she does that I consider to be going above and beyond!"

Jennifer Hull

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

"I am usually not one to walk out of a training feeling excited and just wanting to spread the word. However, when I attended a training on sensory processing given by Amy, I was blown away! Her delivery kept me captivated and eager to learn more. Not once did I pick up my phone to check the time! I learned so much from Amy's training; it has truly impacted the way I see students responding in the classroom. I highly recommend!"

Anne-marie Duke, LMSW

Special Education Social Worker

"I learned of Amy through a professional connection and I reached out to discuss potential options for hiring her on a contractual basis at my early education center. Amy responded quickly, she provided guidance on training topics based on our needs and was prepared to discuss options for flexible scheduling. Amy built rapport quickly with staff. She was engaging, informative, and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge. Amy is a true asset to the profession and our team looks forward to having her back!"

Andrea Richardson, EdS

Process Coordinator

"Amy Nelson is exceptional as both a leader and an educator. Her dedication and expertise allowed her to transform our education department in a matter of months. She tirelessly aided the program staff in advancing our skill sets. She was able to connect with both kids and adults in a special way that encouraged several types of growth. Essentially, Amy Nelson will meet and exceed any expectation."

Addyson Miklos

Program Specialist

"Amy was contracted to provide our professional development on social-emotional practices for the 2019-2020 school year. She is an engaging and passionate presenter. Her knowledge and insight, as well as activities/techniques, has made me a much more thoughtful therapist. "

Caitlin Lackey, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


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